Alumni Guidelines

As the intern, congratulations are in order! You now have the opportunity to participate in a real work experience, made possible by members of your Prep Family. This is unique in that you will be working with individuals whom you may already know or to whom you are at least connected by a degree of separation. As such, you are representing the Prep community and its reputation.

The following guidelines can serve as a set of expectations for you during your internship.

Read and follow the policies of the employer manual or handbook.

Follow the employer dress code and the mentor’s expectations for professionalism.

Be on time and dependable.

Stay beyond the stated work day if requested. Interns should attend every day unless they are ill or have an emergency. Provide adequate advance notice of any time off, in keeping with the employer’s policies.

Take the initiative.

In asking questions, searching out resources, inviting feedback, and creating opportunities to learn. If intern candidates are confused or want to know why their mentor does something a certain way, they should not be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Meet project deadlines.

Communicate concerns and impediments to progress as they occur.

Be flexible!

Plans, projects and programs may change. Embrace change – and be prepared to assist where needed.